Our Services

Product Safety

Are your internal processes protecting your company from undue risk? 

  • Create product development and launch compliance review processes and key quality metrics.
  • Develop product testing and compliance monitoring processes in order to ensure consistent products.
  • Assist in creating Restricted Substance Lists in order to avoid chemicals of concern.
  • Help you to manage various regulatory requirements like CPSIA and Prop 65.


Confused over the growing complexities of importing your products?

  • We can assist you with your Foreign Trade Zone questions
  • Tariff mitigation strategies
  • We can help you to develop Low Duty sourcing strategies
  • Import Logistics

Corporate Social Responsibility

Is your supply chain meeting the marketplaceā€™s social responsibility expectations?

  • We can help in setting up processes to manage your responsible supply chain.
  • We will work with you to develop and roll out Codes of Conduct across your supply chain.
  • We can design and develop vendor qualification tools, including audit questionnaires.


Do you want to differentiate your business in the marketplace?


  •  Create a sustainability roadmap that addresses your triple bottom line
  • Develop metrics and reporting that measures progress
  • Identify opportunities in your supply chain
  • Incorporate sustainability principals into your business strategy
  • Transform your operations and manage risk in a sustainable economy


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